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Whiteboard Animation Company

The animated videos are one of the most selling, appealing and trending ways of advertisement these days as they help one gain online visibility. It has also been researched that since these animation videos have come into being, the sales of various businesses have grown higher by 20% on average. One of the latest ones is whiteboard animation videos.

Explainer videos can be made in various styles, 3D animation or maybe a cartoon representation. Using the technique of whiteboard animation in these explainer videos happens to be the latest one.

An Insight into the whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is a way of representing what one wants to deliver through a process where pictures are drawn on a whiteboard. They are then recorded and played using different techniques which creates an animated video. These videos can have a script that is illustrated to give an animated face to the presentation. You may also call it animated doodling.

These whiteboard animation videos were made for the first time in around 2009 and have been reigning ever since.

Kinds of Whiteboard Animation

The most commonly used whiteboard animations are stop motion and time-lapsed.

Tine-lapsed drawings are mainly where the frequency which is used to capture a film or a video is different than the one it is presented in. It will either be at a much higher speed than the one which is captured or will be a slower motion of the same.

Stop motion is a technique wherein the clay models or inanimate objects are manipulated in ways to give a comic effect usually.

The Steps Involved in the Process

The process behind these explainer videos using whiteboard animation is initiated by picking a topic at first. It is followed by writing a script and then the animation is recorded. The voiceovers are recorded, animations are finalized, and the video is then recorded along with matching and mixing up the sounds, colors, and videos. Different whiteboard animation companies would use different steps, depending upon the technologies they use.

Why choose this technique?

· For an educational approach: Seeing the whiteboard and marker being used, one gets the understanding of being explained about something. So, one of the ways these whiteboard explainer videos can be used is to explain one’s product or services in a way of delivering a lecture. One would pay more attention like following the step by step instruction.

· For engaging the viewer for longer: The normal explainer videos tend to be of a 60-90 seconds length. Sometimes, there is a need for explaining a product or service in detail engaging the viewer or potential customer for a longer time.

· For giving a better explanation: Just like when a student is explained about a complex method on a whiteboard with a marker and that helps them understand it better, in a similar way these whiteboard animated explainer videos also come handy in helping one understand better. The retention and understanding, both are enhanced.

· For better outcomes: The viewers retain and understand better as they are not only able to listen and read, but also learn by watching. This way the end result is exponentially good than any other.

· Better Advertising: These whiteboard animation videos can be used for online advertising of one’s products and services on various online platforms.

The whiteboard animation videos have the power of the viewer’s retention as the stories are created right in front of them. They have an amazing way of explaining the complex things n a simpler way and that is what makes them special.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

📷 Memorized better: Because of its nature and style which is based on teaching, these videos help a learner or viewer understand and retain them much more than any other animation video. They are really attention grasping and interesting as well with the kind of artwork they show. The hand-drawn figures enhance the whole idea too.

📷 Interesting animation: The visuals are presented in a fun and interesting animated way in a whiteboard animation video. It is less effort and output is more as well.

Video marketing has taken over the market mostly because reading over the pointers and their description is time-consuming and takes the reader’s interest off it very quickly. Adding these animated videos, whiteboard trending these days, adds a lot of value to the content.


The whiteboard animation costs are based on a variety of factors. Different criteria taken into consideration are the animation time, location, effects used in the videos and many more. The costs increase with the complexity used in various animation styles.

Best Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Few of the great examples of whiteboard video animation are:

1. Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

2. Born to Learn

3. The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

4. CarePredict

5. Coca-Cola Content 2020

Whom to Approach for the Whiteboard Explainer Videos

SocioPixels, in Gurgaon, is engaged in catering to various industries like Retail, Healthcare, IT, Finance, etc. through their whiteboard animation explainer videos.

Silver Bazel is one of the frontrunners in the brand video marketing industry. Situated in Noida, they have a long list of happy clients in and across India.

So, to wipe off all or any confusion from your mind, a whiteboard animation video is your solution. A marketing strategy is not only appealing but also engaging! It transforms a boring concept into a fun and lively one, which does not leave one with the option of walking away without having a look at them once for sure!

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