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Tell your stories the innovative way! | explainer video

You want to reach people telling your brands’ stories in a crisp and unforgettable way, an explainer video is what you’re looking for. An explainer video is a short animated video that started off in 2017 and started ruling the market from thereon. It helps you explain the details of your business in a quick and concise manner, without leaving anything unexplained.

explainer video

The language in an animated explainer video is simple yet intriguing. Now businesses, however big and small, use these product explainer videos as a medium to help them expand their market and reach so many users in no time.

Now when the potential customers are looking for details about some business, they intend to look through the websites and take an understanding of the company. The reading of all the details becomes tedious and tiresome at the same time. Because of this, one tends to miss out on the major points. This is when the animated explainer videos come handy.

What do the explainer videos do?

These explainer videos take away the detailed and varied ideas and highlight the key points to educate the viewers on what the company is all about and why and how their products or services are beneficial. They emphasize on why one must choose their business over any other.

The explainer videos use both the visual as well as the auditory senses, which is why the retention of the potential customer is more as compared to the websites. They consist of simple graphics as well as key pointers to stress on the main areas of the business.

An eye-catching explainer video will be:

· simple and convey the message with clarity

· short with all details in brief

· self-explanatory about the company as well as its products/ services

The idea of adding graphics and videos grab the attention of the viewers, holding their interest and increasing the chances of their liking of the services too. These animated digital video act as a live conversation and connection between the buyer and the customer.

They include an emotional element making the message you’re passing on more effective.

There are two kinds of people, one whose interest is caught mostly by verbal learning and others who go more by visual learning. These explainer videos are combinations of both, and so their success rate is much higher than either of the two.

Benefits of explainer videos:

· Enough information in less time: These digital animated explainer videos reach a large number of potential customers within less time

· Impact is stronger: The impact of visual graphics and audio is far more than any of the individual medium

· Build trust: These animated videos engage the customers and prove that one has taken out time and effort to reach their customers

· Saves effort & energy: The effort and energy used in a verbal explanation of products and services is saved with these videos’ online presence

· Engaging & fruitful: These explainer videos grab the attention of their customers more because of their visual and animated nature. Thus, resulting in fruitful results

· Online platform for the display of the company: These explainer videos explain the company’s details as well as about their products and services in very less time in a crisp and concise manner.

explainer video

Where to look for:

Now if you are on a lookout for an animated explainer video production company in Gurgaon, your search could come to an end with the SocioPixels. SocioPixels cater to various industries like healthcare, IT/Software, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, and E-commerce as well.

Another name in this field is the Silver Bazel in Noida, who is one of the frontrunners in the brand video marketing industry with 5+ years of expertise in digital explainer video production.

Explainer videos can also be used as a presentation and for conferences as well. They are added by the companies for promoting their businesses on the home pages of their websites and sometimes in the blogs too. Readers nowadays prefer taking a break from regular reading and watch the videos instead.

If you are looking for a digital explainer video production company in Delhi, Blisstro Videos might be the one. They are one of the leading video production companies. They use the power of animation and the latest technology to produce attractive and attention-holding videos ensuring to get more leads and increases in sales for your business.

Simplifying the text and presenting it in a more innovative way could be so interesting and help you run your business at the same time, who could’ve thought. Build your brand image using the most effective way of explaining your business to millions of potential customers!

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