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While listening to a song on your radio, or in your car, have you ever thought of all the effort that goes behind making that song? Have you ever thought of what all steps are taken in the process of putting that song together, all the intricacies behind that one thing which is sounding so melodious to your ears and easing out your tiring day?

Yes, that song must have been made in a song recording studio, where many technicians, musicians, song producers, singers or vocalists might have put their time and effort, and their skills together to create that soothing melody.

Recording studios are facilities that cater to:

· mixing

· sound recording, and

· audio production

These sound recording studios can be the small basic home studios and the can also be as big as ones for a professional orchestra or a lot of musicians altogether.

Recording studios can be used to record songs, musicians using various instruments, such as, saxophone, piano, guitars, etc, or even the voice-over artists who record dialogues in different languages for movies, or even animation. Musical soundtracks are also recorded in these studios.

What these recording studios have

The audio recording studios have a studio, where the live recording takes place. These rooms have the microphones where the singers perform or sing. It also has another room where the work behind the songs is done. Here, the sound engineers and producers work with the special instruments for mixing, sound controlling, various software to add effects, etc to the music. The music or songs are heard on high-quality speakers and evaluated for any changes if need be.

The audio recording studios are specially designed, taking care of the acoustical properties which have been kept in mind in a good recording studio. The certain precision and accuracy of the set-up are to be evaluated on a prior basis. The soundproofing and dimensions of the room, all play a very important role in giving a certain output.

Soundproofing is done so that no external sound acts as a disturbing factor while any recording is taking place, for a clean sound recording.

Like we have all seen, there will be a small soundproof room with a microphone, etc. with a glass window and the producers, etc., sit on the other side making a note of the song or the sound of the recording.

Various equipment used in a music recording studio

1. A large mixing console

2. Small mixing consoles

3. Various types of microphones

4. Multitrack recorders

5. Record players

6. Monitoring headphones

7. Computers

8. Different kinds of speakers

9. Workstations

10. Audio/ Music stands,

and various other things depending on which kind of a recording studio it is.

How they started

The recording studios started into being with minimal facilities, like having soundproof rooms, which prevented any outside noise from coming inside at the time of recording. Before these microphones were introduced, these large acoustic horns were used. As the microphones, electrical recorders, etc got invented, this industry changed into becoming, the electronic recording.

recording studios

The multi-track recording came as a major break-through in the recording industry. Recording instruments and singers at separate times on different tracks became possible because of this. This recording is beneficial as it enables the makers of these recordings to shape each musical instruments’ sounds so that they give an effect of each individually.

So, this way an entire teams’ job can be done by one person alone.

Benefits of Recording Studios

· Ensures quality: A good music recording studio has his production engineers and sound managers who go to every length to make sure that the quality of the song/music is in no way compromised. They have all the necessary equipment through which every little detail can be noted and worked upon.

· Access to professional and quality equipment: A professional sound recording studio will have the best possible sound equipment which can enhance and level any artist. The clarity, quality, and content are all studied well and redone if required, for the best outcome.

· Environment: As much of importance does the equipment hold, so is the whole recording environment. The recording studios have that acoustic environment which can deal with all the sound and frequency issues, to capture the sound/ music/ song quality to the maximum.

The job of the audio recording studios is to combine the beautiful voice of the singer with the right music in the right environment with the right kinds of equipment. This can be said to be the process for good music production.

Where to go to find the best music/ audio recording studios?

If you are looking for the best recording studios in Noida, Balacomm Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best media production houses providing services like school annual day recording, musical compositions, music mixing and mastering, etc. Few more famous recording studios in Noida are:

§ The Music District

§ Star- Recording Studio in Noida

§ The Punditz Studio, and many more

Another name in the industry is the Meraki Recording Studio. It is one of the best ones in Delhi providing services like recording, audio mastering and mixing, and sound editing.

Specifically looking for song recording studios in Delhi? You may go to:

o Record Studios, located in South Delhi and are committed to providing a unique experience to their clients.

o KathaRas Studios, one of the prestigious audio production studios, located in the heart of New Delhi.

Now recording audio, some music or a song can be so easy with all the innovative tools and technologies. All you need to do is locate any of these recording studios and turn your dream song to reality!!

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